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I make music videos; based in Champaign IL.

Real name - Chad Howard, but all my favorite musicians and music video directors have alter egos, so here we are - Boots Howard

Boots comes from my family; a long line of the blue collar, grind it out, calloused hands type and Boots symbolizes that hard work.  I'm a sneakerhead on a payless budget - you'll always catch me in something different but affordable.  I'm also always running from returning my mom's text messages.

Howard is more than a last name, it's my identity and that's always meant Be Different and that comes off as off-the-wall, but I'm cool with that (check my Twitter).  I've lived my life and made choices based on "what would a Howard do..."


What I Do

I make music videos and I'm open for business in Champaign, IL (12 minutes from an airport)

I've wanted to make music videos since the days of hiding in my basement watching Naughty by Nature on mute on MTV.

I have a passion for music and coffee. I've been a hip hop head since my days in the basement, but I find creative inspiration everywhere.

Let's get to work and grab a coffee.

Current Playlist

Jaden Smith, Kirk Franklin, Jay Z, Willie Nelson, George Harrison, Cyhi The Prince, Sturgill Simpson, Yo Gotti, Brent Faiyaz, Chase Baby, blackbear, Demetruest, Big K.R.I.T., Rapsody.

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Hey.  Call me when you can.  Love you!" - Mom

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