demo reel


I make music videos and I’m proud of all the work I’ve done. The work I’ve done isn’t perfect, it’ll never be – but I’ll work towards perfection every day.  I love this and I want to be remembered for it.

I want to share my passion with those that can’t sleep at night because their art is an amphetamine, I want to work with people that live to inspire others.  But as much as I love this, I do a limited amount of videos in a year, because life is short and painful – a lesson I’ve learned the hard way this year.  I will always prioritize time to laugh and enjoy the people God’s blessed me with.

Art was my first love, but my true love’s my family.  My wife and my two puppies.  I’m here today making my art because I’ve gotten her full support to pursue this dream.  A dream I put off until I hit 30, because I was scared of rejection and fearful I couldn’t do it.  Get you someone that believes in you unconditionally – it makes all the difference.

Thank you to all the new and old friends I worked with this year.  I’m very excited for all the projects planned in the coming year.